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How Does Travel Nursing Help Close the Healthcare Gap?

Travel nurses help close the healthcare gap by traveling nationwide to provide patient care wherever it is most needed.

In this great infographic titled “Can Shift Work Close the Healthcare Job Gap?” travel nursing is identified as one means for helping the healthcare industry keep pace with accelerated demand.

Check out this infographic from

How Can Shift Work Close The Healthcare Job Gap




Travel Nursing Central’s Top Travel Nurse Companies for 2016

There are SO many travel companies out there. It can be daunting for travelers and aspiring travelers to even know where to begin looking for the right fit.

Luckily there are a few sites, such as yours truly, and Highway Hypodermics, which do an annual rankings roundup of the best travel nurse companies around.

The great thing about TNC and Highway Hypodermics’ methodology is that both use actual travel nurses’ reviews to create their lists! Of course, the perfect company can be different for every traveler depending upon what you’re looking for in an agency, benefits, etc. — but these traveler-derived lists go a LONG way in giving you a starting point from which to find your perfect company.

Without further ado, click here to check out Travel Nursing Central’s Top Travel Nurse Companies for 2016.